Soaring Grand Prix Finals hosted by Sisteron-Vaumeilh Airfield

(FAI WORLD SGP 2014 - Sisteron).


France 3 : "Le vol à voile, c'est pas sorcier."


In 2001, the French FR3 television show “C’est pas sorcier” presented a video destined to raise the general public’s awareness of gliding flight and soaring in particular. The explanations given are clear and simple, and are accompanied with images of soaring in the French Alps.



Gliding and youth worldwide


A great video for young people gliding around the world. Watch this video done by Flying Club LSV Germany. Choose English subtitles in French or by clicking the button at the bottom right of the video. The subtitled versions were performed in collaboration with the International Aero Club of Sisteron. Share the link without moderation ...