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You’ve always dreamt of flying a glider… but you never gave it a try… Don’t put it off. A discovery flight with one of the ACIS instructors is what you need.




From mid-March till the end of September, dial + 33(0)4 92 62 17 45 or just drop by the Club’s front office and book a discovery flight at your convenience. The appointment given will be confirmed according to the instructors’ schedules and, obviously, the projected and actual weather conditions.


If you so desire, on the day of your flight, you may attend the daily 9:45 AM pilot briefing to start getting acquainted with the glider pilots’ and soaring environment. We advise you to take advantage of this if you are interested in soaring.


Upon your arrival, after you have paid for your flight or redeemed your gift certificate, the front office volunteer will give you a voucher to be given to the pilot, who will provide you with some basic information before climbing aboard and takeoff :


  • Gliding flight principles

  • Flying options according to the day’s actual weather conditions

  • Installation in glider cockpit, parachute

  • Description of the glider you will be flying in

  • Glider piloting basics

  • Safety instructions














You will be flying in a dual control two-seater glider, piloted by an instructor or a qualified authorized pilot. Except in case of winch-launching, a tow plane will tow the glider towards the appropriate tow-cable release area, some 500 m above the airfield altitude. You will be wearing a parachute during your flight.


Once the tow cable is released, the glider starts soaring flight, and your pilot will start to prospect for areas of lift to gain altitude. The pilot will give you some tips about piloting if you are interested.


At the end of the discovery flight, your pilot will return to the airfield, and land the glider on the runway. After your flight, the glider will either be towed or pushed back to the takeoff point for the next flight or back to the hangar. There will be time during this operation for sharing impressions of your flight, and asking question which may come to mind.




- No medical certificate is mandatory for a Discovery Flight.

- Your fully-clothed weight must be less than 100kg for technical reasons.

- Clothing : skirts and dresses are not authorized for technical reasons (parachute harness).

- It is advised to wear sunglasses, a warm polar-wool jacket or sweatshirt, and very importantly, a cap.

- Long hair should be attached if possible.




Winch launched Discovery Flight


The glider is launched by a powerful winch situated at the opposite end of the airfield rapidly winding-up a cable attached to the glider. After the start order is given, the winch will start winding, and the glider will climb at a 45° angle to a height of 300 to 400m above the airfield in less than 1 minute. After automatic release of the winching cable, and depending on the atmospheric conditions, a gliding flight of up to 20 minutes will ensue. What an adventure !


Standard tow-launched Discovery Flight

This option is recommended for persons who have never flown wishing to discover the joy of silent flight. Launching the glider is accomplished using a tow plane. Flight will last 20 minutes or so


Soaring flight 1 H or 2 H

You have tried out gliding and liked it. Now you’d like to make a longer flight. 1 H or 2 H flights are just for you.




Did your discovery flight make you feel like a bird flying silently and free ? Do you feel like experiencing this feeling of freedom again ? Don’t wait. Choose a flight training package which is right for you, and start learning to fly gliders…


Thanks for the photographs go to…

David Martel, Fighter pilot and soaring pilot

Sonia MOUROZ, Happy passenger.




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