Situated ideally to the North of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, the Sisteron-Vaumeilh airfield offers quasi-ideal soaring conditions, be it for beginners or confirmed pilots.


Ours is a huge soaring playground indeed, extending from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean, and from the Rhone Valley to the Austrian border.


The mountains surrounding our base permit pilots to get acquainted with ridge soaring as well as lee wave soaring in almost any wind situation.














The ancient glacier plain which stretches from North of Gap to South of Manosque allows for exciting flights, while remaining within gliding distance of soaring airfields (Gap-Tallard, Sisteron-Vaumeilh, Saint-Auban, Vinon).


This plain makes it possible for pilots to both get acquainted with mountain soaring and /or stick to more conventional soaring protocols for flatland soaring.




From the airfield to the East, mountainous reliefs attain 2500m and then 3000m.


80km North of the airfield the Barre des Ecrins mountain range in the Oisans massif is one of the closest 4000m peaks offering breathtaking vistas.


200km North of the airfield, the Mont Blanc massif (4810m) welcomes you with one of the most amazingly splendid panoramas in the Alps.

Flying a bit further to the East, after passing le Grand Paradis, le Cervin, and the Mont Rose massif, you will find the continuation of 4000m summits.


Then comes the Valais Suisse with the backwaters of the Rhone river, then the Rhine, and a bit further the Austrian border.




1000km flights are routinely accomplished starting from the Sisteron base. To the West you will encounter the Pre-Alps extending from the Luberon to the Vercors, offering a totally different perspective, inciting pilots to pursue their flights in the direction of the Rhone valley.




Northwest meteorological-wind conditions (Mistral) over the mountain ridges are frequent year around permitting wonderful lee wave soaring flights. Whether over the Lure, Chabre, Pic de Bure or Mont Ventoux summits, when mountain lee wave conditions display their gorgeous lenticular clouds, glider pilots may choose between gaining altitude, going for wave circuits or simply climbing and enjoying the view.




If you are a fan of speed soaring, you may then take advantage of these wave conditions to try and challenge the speed records of the SGP (Soaring Grand Prix World Cup) which was hosted by Sisteron-Vaumeilh in May, 2014.